People shocked after discovering how much food and drink costs at Coachella

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“Wonder why US salaries are skyrocketing? Look at these Coachella prices”

Coachella-goers are flooding to social media in horror over the cost of food and drink at the festival.

While some Coachella festival goers were left shocked by Shakira’s surprise appearance and announcement, others couldn’t help but focus on one of the most enjoyable and pretty crucial parts of a festival – the food and drink.

First things first, if we’re being honest, no festival food is ever that cheap – however, teeming with influencers and celebrities, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California is a prime location for the US’ generally already rampant prices to tiptoe even higher.

Coachella food and drink prices don't seem to have improved much from last year. (Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images for Coachella)

Coachella food and drink prices don’t seem to have improved much from last year. (Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images for Coachella)

Ticket prices have remained a hefty $499 to $599 (not including fees) when compared to last year and it would appear that despite the backlash the festival faced in 2023 for the cost of its food and drink, the price of such items has pretty much stayed the same too.

TikToker Jackie Tanti took to her page – @jackietanti – last year to reveal she paid an eye-watering amount for two burritos and a coffee, and this year, she took to her page to share how much she had to cough up for a near-identical order of two burritos and a cucumber drink.

Last year, Jackie paid a skin-curling $64 for the three items and sadly, this year, her bank account would appear to be taking a similar hit.

In a video uploaded yesterday (13 April), Jackie gives followers a glimpse of the burritos, which are fairly large, but don’t come with a very appetising looking sauce on the side.

And the price she paid for the quick breakfast meal and non-alcoholic drink? Again, a staggering $64.

“Capitalism is crazy and I am a part of the problem,” she resolves.

One TikToker commented: “That’s insane,”, while another simply said: “F**kin wild.”

And it’s not just Jackie who’s been finding the prices at the festival this year steep.

Another Coachella-goer took to X to share a photograph of a list of drinks at the festival.

Would you pay $64 for this and a drink? (TikTok/@jackietanti)

Would you pay $64 for this and a drink? (TikTok/@jackietanti)

Their caption reads: “Wonder why US salaries are skyrocketing? Look at these Coachella prices.”

On the board, a single Absolut Vodka costs $17 or if you want a double, you’ll have to shell out $28.

If you fancy a White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry, you can wave goodbye to $16 and if you fancy a Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, that’s an additional $17.

Although, one user noted: “To be fair the food and drink prices are sky high everywhere in America atm, and these prices will be without tax or tips which will add 30 percent.”

One X user took to the platform to share the cost of pizza at the festival, a ‘whole large pie’ costing a staggering $65 and a lemonade a sob-worthy $9.

As another user wrote: “Enjoy! Don’t check prices.”

UNILAD has contacted Coachella for comment.

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