Need more women in science for sustainable future: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stressed the need for more women and girls in science for a just, inclusive and sustainable future.

“We must have the right policies and institutions for young women to choose a career in science and technology,” she said.

She said in a video statement broadcast at the 9th International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly held in New York, media reports say.

“It is important that women in science be promoted to leadership positions. In Bangladesh, I personally commit to advancing the work of our women scientists through recognition and incentives,” she said.

Extending her greetings to all taking part in the assembly, she said, “I congratulate all women engaged in research and innovation to find solutions to the challenges facing our world. We need more women and girls in science.”

The Prime Minister said her government is digitally empowering thousands of women and girls across Bangladesh.

“I feel delighted to see their vibrant presence in the digital marketplace. We offer dedicated training for young women to help them grow as IT freelancers,” she said.

The premier wished to see her country’s young people with disabilities transform their lives through digital inclusion.

“Our government is expanding technical and vocational education for women to help them prepare for the future of work. We have made it mandatory for all high school graduates to get an education in science and ICT,” she added.

In the past, the number of female students in higher education, especially in science and technology, was not satisfactory, she said.

However, the participation of women in science education has improved significantly in recent years due to our concerted efforts, the Prime Minister added.

In public universities of Bangladesh, about 40 per cent of total students are female, while in private universities, their percentage is 30, she said.

She said they make sure that women get preference in the research and innovation grants they offer.

“Our young girls need to be prepared to realize our vision of a ‘Smart Bangladesh’. I shall always remain devoted to women’s and girls’ education in science and technology,” she said.

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